Paper & People partner with many of the world's most respected paper mills. We share with them a common philosophy - quality and service. And we bring this to our markets through our innovative business process and approach to promotion, brand awareness and sales.

È anche centro di promozione di importanti cartiere e aziende del settore


We offer our partner paper mills a range of services to support their product sales efforts and offer a consulting service through the full graphical process from creation to production and implementation.

» Specialist promotional activities targeted towards the print, design and end-user communities
» Marketing, merchant activity and sales operation synergies
» Permanent product exhibition and consulting support
» Organization of ad-hoc events and specific exhibitions
» Room for meetings with customers
» Market tests on new products
» Sampling service
» Permanent observatory on F&P papers market (trends, customers' feedback,...)


Paper & People is the meeting place and reference point for specifiers , designers, printers and all those professionals active within the creative community.
"P&P, where creativity and paper meet". Be inspired and supported:

» Select, compare and buy paper from Europe's largest fine and premium paper showroom

» Benefit from consultation, and technical expertise and advice

» Experiment with new products - our portfolio is constantly evolving

» Test your paper selection in the showroom - to ensure the correct selection
» Find inspiration in the finished product gallery

» Consult swatchbooks, catalogues and visual books of our partner papermills

» Keep updated, with access to the most recent design resources and publications - free to view in the P&P showroom - and by joining regular seminars and workshops

You can also rely on Paper&People to produce your printed projects invitations, business cards, brochures, corporate identity, etc) thanks to our cooperation with specialized suppliers (digital printing, offset, thermography, hot-foil, embossing, laser-cutting, converting, etc.). Ask for a quotation !


If you are a printer Paper & People can also lend you valuable support:

» Select paper and envelopes from a portfolio of over 2500 qualities
» Buy small quantities - from as little as 5 - 10 sheets (standard sizes)
» Get custom sheet sizes to optimize your print
» Take advantage of special printer discounts
» See new products and experiment
» Consult mill swatch books and paper resources for inspiration and information
» Keep up to date with best practice by participating in our educational workshops
» Network and build relationships with other companies in your industry
» Exhibit and display your work - as a best in class producer

This will help you to:
» Avoid having capital tied up in stock - buy only the product quantity you need
» Be more competitive and get the most from your customer's budget
» Stand out, by proposing new products
» and, why not, work for us : please send your corporate presentation !


More and more companies are looking after their brand image and considering their corporate communication activities. Companies want to communicate with innovation and be seen as sustainable and responsible choices for their customers.
A sheet of paper cannot change the world but the message it carries can make the difference. An eco-friendly paper as a corporate stationary suggests a company with integrity and a company that is aware of the impact of its operations. Such a company is aware that now is the time to invest in sustainable materials, to support more effective production processes, to embrace new renewable energy technologies and to think about the air we breathe, the water we drink and about the choices we can make to ensure our impact and contribution to the environment is positive.

Paper & People is the ideal F&P paper supplier for all those organisations engaging with the environment and with renewable energy.


Paper has always been a beautiful means of communication and fine and premium papers, in particular, are an essential component of every communication project.
Fashion stylists and all those businesses who care for their corporate image have extremely high standards and make very particular selections when choosing paper for their catalogue, packaging, corporate identity or for special events and invitations. These are situations where paper must represent a distinctive element, convey a trend and reinforce a message through its beauty, tactility and visual impact.

In its continous search for innovative materials, Paper&People is the right partner for all those who care for their communication image and would like to stand out.


Paper is an emotional communication tool. It stirs our senses, captures our cherished memories and our mind. Creativity must not have constraints and paper must not limit it: on the contrary paper can be a resource to draw from.

The emotional potential of paper is central to Paper & people. Every sheet of paper in our showroom can be a source of inspiration.


Since our beginning we have been connected with schools, contributing to students' training and education by giving them access to paper, enabling them to test new materials and through offering advice and information on paper, printing and binding techniques. Moreover we take care of permanent paper and communication material exhibitions in the school buildings, organize special exhibitions for students, such as the Fuorisalone 2012 event, launch contests like the one in 2012 where students from the Milan Politecnico competed for the restyling of Paper&People's website.

Taking care of learning and education and connecting the Graphic and Design Schools is our everyday engagement, enabling us to establish a strong relationship with the future creative professionals.


Paper allure for your professional corporate identity, your personal writing paper, your business cards or a special invitation.

Paper & People opened in 2005 to address the paper needs of the graphic and communication professionals. Today we are the reference point for all paper lovers. If you love paper we can provide a charming atmosphere to be inspired and we offer a large selection of paper and envelopes, with an endless number of colours, shades and styles, from classical to iridescent, pearlescent to translucent or a variety of special effects. Take inspiration from the finished product collection and get advice, suggestions and quotations to carry out your project.


We are your ideal partner to help you to produce all the printed materials (invitations, thanks cards, menus, etc.) for your corporate or private event (wedding, parties, anniversaries, baptisms, ...) with the possibility of selecting among 2500 papers, cardboards and envelopes, according to your taste and the style of the event. You will receive support and advice on the materials, get inspiration from the already produced collection and rely on us also for printing and converting: everything you need to carry out your project. Among the most recent proposals, Japanese papers and hand-made papers from Mato Grosso community (Perù), for a socially engaged invitation.


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