Paper & People was conceived in 2005 by Fabio Ferrari as the meeting place and reference point for all professionals active in the graphic, design, communication and printing communities
Today Paper & People is Europe's largest fine and premium paper showroom, boasting a portfolio of more than 2500 papers and matching envelopes - and the partner distributor for many of the world's leading paper brands from paper mills across the globe.

È anche centro di promozione di importanti cartiere e aziende del settore

P&P è un'azienda certificata FSC© License Code FSC-C132938; N° Certificato ICILA-COC-003.


As a sales and promotion centre for fine and premium paper and other graphical substrates, we offer our partner paper mills a range of services to support their product sales efforts, acting in the full graphical process, from creation to production and implementation. We are connecting all the major players in the fine and premium paper supply chain - to create stronger relationships between the paper mills and the end-users thanks to our innovative business model which offers a range of consultative services, including technical advice and training, product testing and the opportunity to buy new materials in the format and quantity most suited to the customers' needs.


Supporting Ideas
P&P is an innovative business concept aimed at developing the knowledge and use of F&P papers and providing an environment where you can have a unique experience in direct contact with the material.
P&P, where creativity and paper meet
Since 2005 we have sold paper by building the emotion and inspiration created through the interaction of creative and paper. We want to support the professional skills of our customers through developing their knowledge and use of innovative materials: combined with the individuals' creativity, this will enable a constant development of unique and attractive communication.




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Opening hours:Monday-Friday 9:30 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:30
We inform you that our offices will be closed from Friday December 22nd till January 2nd 2018 included for Christmas holidays. Our offices will open again on January 3rd 2018.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Open Saturdays: h 9.30 - 13.00
October 21st-November 18th-December 16th-
January 20th-February 17th-March 17th-
April 21st-May 19th-June 16th
On Saturdays, only available items in the showroom can be purchased. It is possible to book bespoke sizes or envelopes which can be collected on Mondays.

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